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Inside Luxury


Inside Luxury

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Inside LuxuryThis book by María Eugenia Girón, a professor at the IE Business School, is crammed with lively personal anecdotes and carefully researched facts, presenting an overview of how the buoyant luxury industry is changing and becoming more and more involved in social and environmental issues. It is the first Spanish publication to look at eco-luxury and sustainability in the different sectors within the industry.

Inside Luxury begins by highlighting the special importance of the brand itself. The author first defines the particular characteristics of brands, focusing on the more positive ones and pinpointing the distinguishing feature that allows a brand to enjoy a certain position on the market. Secondly, she applies these aspects to the products found on the market.

The author then takes us through a detailed tour of the traditional luxury sectors, where jewellery and art have traditionally held a privileged position.

Finally, a discussion of two areas that represent an increasing pull for consumers of the industry’s major brands round off the book with a novel touch, bringing it squarely into the twenty-first century: eco-luxury and sustainability.


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