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Luxury, a new patron for culture

In my latest collaboration for Forbes I deal with the approach between culture and luxury. Culture, art and fashion are the expression of a country’s creativity and they use resources that combine and maintain a close relationship among them. Read more (in Spanish)

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Luxury: Sharing, Reusing and Recycling?

In my latest article for The Luxonomist, I talk about a debate started by a recent trend in the luxury sector: Sharing, Reusing and Recycling.  The question is: Are they new ways to give access to those who can’t afford buying luxury products or is it a new expression of luxury? Read article (in Spanish)

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New articles in Forbes and The Luxonomist

In my new articles for both Forbes and The Luxonomist I talk about the book “Sustainable Luxury and Social Entrepreneurship: Stories From the Pioneers” and about the IE Awards for Sustainability in the Premium and Luxury sectors, which will take place on July 2nd in the IE Business School Shigeru Ban Paper Pavillion. Read article for The Luxonomist (in English) Read article for Forbes (in Spanish)

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Mexico, the center of luxury

This time my article in Forbes is based on the celebration of the latest “Financial Times Business of Luxury Summit” in México and it analyses this country as an unavoidable reference when we talk about luxury and premium, since it has the highest growth rate for this sector in Latin America. Read more (in Spanish)

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Saving the Ocean and feeding the world

The second Tuesday in April we celebrated at the iconic Four Seasons Restaurant in New York, a new era in the conservation movement of the sea. Sue and David Rockefeller , Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen, Michael Bloomberg, all members of the board of Oceana ( ) and many friends who support Oceana has long celebrated between cotton candy and blue […]

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