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Luxury, traceability, and sustainability

This is the link to my first collaboration with The Luxonomist, the new go-to web for economic news regarding the luxury market. This time, my article deals with the concepts of luxury, traceability, and sustainability, as well as the way they are interrelated. Read more (in Spanish) Luxury, Traceability and Sustainability María E. Girón What is the story behind the products […]

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Luxury in China hesitates

My last article for Forbes analyses the current situation of the luxury market in China. Given the social and economic conditions of the country, we cannot help but wonder: This downturn the luxury market is suffering, is it circumstantial or is it the sign of a future trend? Read more

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Is there a responsible luxury?

Today luxury innovation is to meet traceability requirements. It’s back to the ‘ethos’ of the Greeks, ethics and aesthetics. Read more (in Spanish) This week we have celebrated the third edition of the Awards in Sustainable Luxury ( The awards ceremony − held in Villa Ocampo (Buenos Aires) − has been an homage to the pioneers in this journey, to […]

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